Helping You Realize Potential
Highly successful leaders and organizations have got to where they are by working hard and seeking advice from people they can trust. We are such people. We will help you clearly identify the potential that exists and the greatest points of leverage you have to influence change.


Providing Transformation Planning

When companies are looking to really “change the game”, a strategy that makes sense and the ability to implement it are key. We understand that transformation can be challenging and must be well managed.


Overseeing and Implementing Action Plans

Proper analysis and great plans are nothing without the ability to implement. Vision, coupled with real action will move you toward your ultimate goal. We’re fanatics about this!


Things You May Need

We enjoy providing real life tools that you can use to improve your business everyday. These include articles, forms and real life case studies from people who have been there – done that.

 “We are all about helping you reach your true potential.”

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How We Do It


Think about that word for a moment. What does your organization look like when it is operating exactly the way you’ve always known it could? What are the rewards that can be realized?

These are some of the questions that must be answered to get a clear view of the road ahead.


We believe that nothing is too challenging when you are able to break it down into manageable steps and make sense of the issues that are keeping you from moving forward.

Once the barriers are removed and the critical path identified, we’ll build a well prioritized plan to get things done!


Step by step, we work with you to implement your plans with a ‘roll up our sleeves’ attitude that gets results.

We provide help in managing the transition process and support your staff with the resources they need to succeed.


We bring decades of experience and smart ideas that are based in real world business.

We’re about helping you realize your company’s true potential – and sharing the rewards of a job well done.

Who We Work With


We’ve been working with privately held businesses for more than 30 years. There is usually a great untapped well of potential and opportunities just waiting to be developed.

We love that.


We understand the complexities and unique needs of Not for Profit organizations and are experts at helping them navigate reporting and compliance issues.

We’re really in to details.


One of the keys to working well with government entities is understanding the way to get things done. Navigating the paperwork and working within constraints is the norm.

We get it!

Case Studies

Problem: Community centers play a vital role in any town, large or small, to provide otherwise not available social, cultural and athletic programs. Community centers also build strong ties among residents of the community. It was not surprising then that one large municipality grew very concerned over the low utilization of its community centers.
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Situation: A large, multi-location, private medical practice was concerned about the nearly 100 percent rate of employee turnover. The practice engaged us analyze the problem and recommend how to resolve it.  Approach: Our analysis included several steps to assess the effects of leadership and management and organizational design on employee turnover.
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Situation: A mid-size non-profit organization, whose human resources functions we managed, asked us to create a Performance Management Program The business fitness program needed to include annual review measurements and quarterly benchmarks.
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A Few of Our Clients


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“I could comment on great lengths about quality of Sandy’s work, but what impresses me most is her integrity. She does what she says she’ll do.”
Leslie Warren, VP Employee Development, ABHW
“Sandy Cody brings that highly sought after real-world experience to each Webster University graduate class she teaches. She was selected as one of the Outstanding Faculty Members for 2011.”
Ellen Driber-Hassell, Executive Director, WU, Albuquerque Campus
“As a not-for-profit organization [leading the way for a viable economy in Southeast Albuquerque], our partnership with Resources for Excellence has been a win-win situation.”
Erica Landry, President, Southeast Community Alliance
“I have worked with Rick on numerous land development projects for approximately the last ten years. I have found Rick’s grasp of the Planning Act and His Project Management skills to be his greatest work asset.”
Bill Veitch, P. Eng., Eng Plus Ltd. London, Ontario, Canada
“Is is difficult to just describe Rick without a brief description of the problems and difficulties he encountered and overcame with respect to two of the projects that he handled for our company”
James Taylor, P. Eng President, Iceni Corporation
“After working with Rick and Sandy to learn about their business, I was impressed with the high level of integrity they possess and their commitment to the success of others. Very Rare!”
Michael McDade, President, Focus Creative Agency
“Since 1991, my Company has used Rick Draker to manage critical aspects of many of our projects. His attention to detail, his ability to maintain critical work schedules; his capability to get the job done and get it done well…”
William N Dickie, Dickie Planning Group, Inc, London, Orlando, Canada