Situation: A mid-size non-profit organization, whose human resources functions we managed, asked us to create a Performance Management Program The business fitness program needed to include annual review measurements and quarterly benchmarks. The client asked us to design a management processes tool to measure individual and team outcomes against the overall against overall organizational goals. The project had a six-month timeline from introduction to full implementation.

Approach: Development of the business fitness program took two phases, both of which involved spending time with employees to discuss their positions and time with senior management to understand the organization’s goals.

Phase I: We reviewed position descriptions against the goals of the organization and also identified the employee competencies needed for each position.

Phase two: We designed a business fitness measurement tool to objectively measure the desired outcome of each position and each team. The tool included a mathematical based scoring grid to provide a score for the individual, and an individual’s contribution to the team score and to the overall organizational goals.

Results: The project exceeded the organization’s expectations. With the new management processes in place, the organization achieved its overall goals the first year of implementation; teams met their goals and 65 percent of the employees reached their individual goals. Following the completion of the Performance Management project, the non-profit asked us to develop a monthly managers training program to ensure the ongoing success of the new management processes. The training includes the basics in conducting performance management feedback sessions as well as how to establish new goals, monitor outcomes for continuous improvement opportunities and offer incentive options to ensure the Program continues to reach its goals.