Situation: Turning around operations to assure it would meet its major financial and service objectives was a top priority for a major non-profit organization. The non-profit engaged us to facilitate a Board of Director’s meeting to review and revise its strategic plan. Leadership development was another Rick Draker with Mapboard priority.

Approach: We first helped the Board determine a new set of financial and program services objectives. Next, we worked with Board members to revise the strategic plan into manageable, definitive and measurable components. Included in the new strategic plan is a set of standards to measure results and a tracking system to gauge the success of programs to enhance the agency’s mission. We included as part of planning a leadership development initiative.

Results: The non-profit organization is implementing the strategic plan with measurable success in fundraising, resulting in increased revenue. As a result of the tracking system, unproductive programs are being eliminated. Under the leadership development program along with the new strategic direction, the Board of Directors is demonstrably more committed.