Pressure to perform, to generate revenue, to create success, and to keep the organization healthy and moving forward in today’s struggling economy is the plight of most leaders, and occasionally, managers. So, what does it take, what skills are necessary for a leader to survive and be successful in today’s business or government environment, or tomorrow’s?  Find out here
escherian-stairwellIf you’re looking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business or organization, Business Process Reengineering (BPR) or Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) may be your answer. Which might you need? Find out who and how here
resistanceMaking significant changes to how your organization functions? Those changes will likely require buy-in by your staff. That may be the most difficult part of implementing the change. How can you manage do you deal with staff reactions? Read here to find out
strategy-gearsWith a simple, well composed strategic plan, everyone in the organization is involved, understands the direction of the organization, and heads in the same direction. “Where do I start and how hard is this?”Read about the simple yet effective steps you can take
listening300Your mind is a powerful tool if employed properly. Looking to improve your listening skills? Practice these 8 tips in earnest and you’ll be a true, effective listener in no time.See the 8 tips for better listening.
SWOT-Analysis-3Want to design a business strategy that will move your business forward, help distinguish you from your competition, and help you compete more effectively in your market place. A SWOT analysis may be the tool you need! Find out more!
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A Resource to All

The one word I would use to define Sandy is “Contributor.” She is a resource to all that know her…whether as a consultant, teacher, board member, colleague, friend or mentor.

Sheryl Brown Owner and President Taking Care of Business, LLC January 3, 2017