No matter the size of your business, you know that the business world is getting more complicated. The challenges come, in part, from ever-evolving government regulations, a changing workforce, an increasingly electronics-based culture, and difficult economic times. Our blog page provides useful general management tips and tricks, but this page includes resources that you will need to navigate government regulations.

Below is a list of resources that we are delighted to provide for the new and growing businesses in our client roster. It includes posters and forms produced by the government, and links to pages that outline regulations that pertain to your business. Remember that some employee-related posters are required to be posted by law, and some forms are required to complete employment or reemployment processes; be sure that you have the ones listed here.

We are constantly updating this page, so please check back periodically new resources and guidelines.

Employee related posters are a must, be sure you have the ones listed here.

New Mexico Posters

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Process Management Experts

The Draker Cody team was able to pull together and analyze large quantities of diverse information, develop good working relationships with stakeholders, identify major gaps in the systems, conduct SWOT analyses, and present information in a concise, readable fashion.

Terry Reusser Chief Information Officer New Mexico Department of Health January 3, 2017

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