by Rick Draker

With emphasis upon strategy, strategic planning is a detailed way of looking at where an organization is in its business life, for-profit or nonnetwork-profit, where it wants to be, what actions are necessary to get there, are the actions accomplishable, how it can best get there, and what resources will necessary.

Strategic planning allows an organization to look at the decision linkages that make up a specific action or strategy, break it out into bite-size pieces, set targets (objectives), allocate appropriate resources, and establish performance measures to determine level of success.

tug-o-war-lowWith a simple, well composed strategic plan, everyone in the organization is involved; everyone understands the direction of the organization; and, everyone in the organization is pulling in the same direction.


What the Strategic Planning Process does:

  • Defines the organization’s vision, mission and core valuescrossroads-of-strategy
  • Examines the organization’s current business model
  • Looks at the external business environment in which the organization operates: the competition; the technology; and, political considerations
  • What the customer/client base is doing, what it wants/needs
  • Looks at the organization’s strengths and how to build on them
  • Looks at the organization’s weaknesses and how to fix them
  • Looks at the opportunities for the organization and how to target them
  • Determines priorities for the organization
  • Sets out goals and objectives for the organization to move toward the targeted opportunities
  • Develops the necessary strategies to achieve the goals and objectives
  • Provides the basis to change strategy or components of strategy to accommodate changing conditions
  • Ensures that the right business model is in place to achieve the defined strategies
  • Provides a basis for day-to-day decision-making
  • Focuses the organization
  • Converts the strategies/initiatives in financial requirements
  • Provides performance measures


What DrakerCody Provides

strategy-gearsDrakerCody, Inc. can help your organization navigate the strategic planning process, placing the components of the strategy into simple, understandable and achievable action packages. Your strategic plan of actions will be distinctively yours; it will not be shoe-horned into a one size fits all strategic plan template.

Some plans are so lengthy and cumbersome as to be daunting to both management and line staff, thereby rendering the sets of strategies so painstakingly developed non-starters. Too many strategic plans end up on a shelf or in a storage unit taking up space and gathering dust, food for paper-eating pests!

DrakerCody will connect your organization’s vision to clear, well defined actions. We will work with your organization to establish a functional set of business strategies that will help move your organization from where it is to where you want it to be, reaching for its full potential.

Strategic planning does not have to be complicated. Let us help you keep it simple!

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